Better crossing/pedestrian safety in Windsor Terrace. 4.89/5 (9)

The neighborhood of Windsor Terrace is situated between Greenwood Cemetery and Prospect Park, but there are few safe places for pedestrians to cross to either location. Pedestrians wishing to go from Windsor Terrace over to the Park need to cross at Bartel Prichard square or walk down to 11th avenue at PPSW. Many choose to, instead, dash across PPSW at 10th avenue because the entrance to the park is right there. It would be much safer to have a Cross walk at 10th avenue leading across Prospect Park SouthWest to the park. It would be great to have either a blinking yellow light for pedestrians to have right of way, here, or a full stoplight. Additionally, on the other side of Windsor Terrace, where 10th goes across to 19th street, you have to cross 18th street to get access to the pedestrian bridge to get to Bishop Ford, K-280 preschool program, or Greenwood Cemetery. There are cross walks, but no stop sign on 18th street as cars come up the street. It is dangerous to cars turning from 10th avenue onto 18th street and incredibly dangerous to be on foot with kids to walk across 18th street to the bridge. Please help us make our streets safer for the families, kids, dogs, cyclists who live in this neighborhood and who want to have easy and safe access to these other areas and resources adjacent to our community.

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