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Improve 9th Street. 9th street between 5th and 6th Avenues is one the busiest streets in Park Slope and also the sunniest. I’ve lived in Park Slope for over 10 years and I always dread walking that sidewalk on sunny days. There is absolutely no shade and it’s unbearably hot. Please provide more shade and improve the environment by planting more trees along sidewalk. This provides respite from the heat, gives people old and young some time to move a bit slower, and provides more comfort to everyone while emitting more oxygen. I think a great example of a nice, shady street is 3rd Street between 5th and 6th Avenue. Though more commercial, 9th Street should do the same. Why aren’t there trees directly in front of the YMCA where the Mayor frequents for his workouts? It would benefit all of Park Slope residents. Thank you for considering this idea.

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  1. Agreed. But not just 9th street. Within a block of my 8th avenue apartment the Parks Dept. has cut down at least 3 trees, the last one of which was perfectly healthy, and old and large enough that it provided shade for our block (betw. 7 & 8 sts). I have a picture of the stump – there is no evidence of disease (no rot, no center hole). I have no idea the reasoning behind this constant arborcide, but I wish they would more quickly replace the trees they do cut down. All 3 of the tree wells I’m referring to are still empty.

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