Fix a sewer 4.8/5 (5)

There is a sewer at the corner of 159 Seventh Avenue (at Garfield St., in front of Little Things Toy Store) that has a huge hole which cannot be filled in like a pothole. I brought this to the attention of Council Member Brad Lander’s staff in May at the Fabulous Fifth Avenue Fair. A representative phoned this in and within 48 hours some NYC agency outlined the sewer in orange neon spray paint and put an orange traffic cone in the hole. When nothing happened by the time of the Seventh Heaven Street Fair I again brought this situation to the attention of a representative of Brad Lander’s office, which had a table at the street fair one block from the sewer. Despite again providing all of the information, nothing happened, and to this day nothing has been fixed.
Since Brad Lander’s office is unable to follow up and get action, I believe that funds should be set aside from Participatory Budgeting to fix this dangerour sewer situation.

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