Make pedestrian crossing at Hicks and Summit St Safer 4.75/5 (4)

Safety Measures for the crossing of the BQE at the intersection of Hicks and Summit St. This intersection is extremely dangerous for pedestrians due to several factors. Mainly because this stretch of Hicks serves as a potential shortcut for the sunken section of the BQE that runs between Carroll Gardens and Red Hook/The Columbia Waterfront District and cars speed through especially in the morning commute when children are walking to the districted schools PS58 and PS29. The danger is increased by the fencing used around the footbridge with makes it nearly impossible to see if cars are coming and the red light is run regularly, as confirmed by the crossing guard stationed there in the mornings and afternoons. I know this was brought up in PB years ago, but in the end was not fully funded. This bridge is the main connector to the F and G trains from these neighborhoods as well and this needs to be addressed before someone gets hurt or worse.

My suggestion would be to reduce traffic in that section of Hicks to one lane by adding parking along the BQE side or a curb this way traffic would be naturally slowed and it would be less inviting for drivers to try to cut off the BQE. Also the fence could be changed to provide more vision between drivers and pedestrians waiting to cross.

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