Additional bike racks by the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park 4.5/5 (10)

Grand Army Plaza is without a doubt the most highly-trafficked entrance to Prospect Park, particularly on the weekend when the farmers’ market is in full swing. Despite the skyrocketing popularity of biking in Prospect Park over the past few years, the amount of bike parking at this key entrance to the park has remained stagnant at two measly racks. On the weekends, the racks are often completely full, and bikers who want to park while they go shop at the farmers market have to wait till other riders free up their spots. When a space finally becomes free, the outdated design of the old racks makes it difficult to squeeze in between the other bikes, particularly if any of the bikes involved has a child seat or extra rack on the front or the back. New bike racks would not only provide additional space to park; they would also present an opportunity to provide an aesthetic upgrade to the bike parking area, considering the wide variety of bike rack designs that are now available.

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