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What: A sandbox or ideally larger sandbox village for children to play in near Vanderbilt Playground. I recently visited Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Sandbox Village (Pier 6) and it’s a huge sand area where many many kids can play and it includes several wood structures such as a train and houses for kids to sit in.
Where: We would love to have something like this in Prospect Park and think the grassy area between Vanderbilt Playground and West Drive would be a great place. However, if Vanderbilt Playground could just get a sandbox that would be great, too.
Who: This would be great for toddlers and young children – and their parents.
Why: Vanderbilt Playground attracts a lot of children so a sandbox nearby would be a great addition. I am proposing a large sandbox village (similar to Pier 6) because it allows many many children access at the same time while still allowing them their own space to play. Generally at smaller sandboxes there’s too many kids vying for too little space especially during peak hours. See the link for photos of Pier 6’s Sandbox Village.

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