Forsythia Festival 3.33/5 (3)

The Forsythia is the official flower of Brooklyn. The Forsythia Festival’s mission would be to put the park in Park Slope and kick-off planting season — planting not only to beautify our borough but give life to its residents. This flower festival would celebrate our connection to the Park, set the neighborhood apart from others in leading the way in combating climate change (the city’s public enemy #1) with green roofs, addressing nutrition gaps with vertical gardens, getting healthy with green spaces, leading sustainability with rain gardens, educating with arts and culture, etc. The Forsythia Festival could All of this could be capped off with a flower parade/festival tying together various community organizations showcasing our work together to save our city, naturally. Many years ago, when a Brooklyn Borough President declared that Forsythia was Brooklyn’s official flower, he also declared the first week in April “Planting Time” for planting forsythia in Brooklyn. The festival could revive this tradition of planting a symbolic forsythia around Park Slope to symbolize spring, renewal — and unity — as the plant is a relative of the olive tree, a token of peace, and the reason why it was declared the official flower of Brooklyn.

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