Needed Upgrades to St.Mary’s Playground 4.75/5 (4)

With the overwhelming success of this beautifully upgraded park on Smith Street between Nelson and Huntington St. comes a few items that were overlooked during the design process. One is restrooms, with this section of the park being overcrowded already and the new section slated to open shortly between Luquer St and Nelson St will increase the park goers with no bathroom facilities. The area they use for bathrooms now is the planted area along the neighboring buildings and yards, with adults and children urinating and defecating along with trampling of the plants and flowers. The overwhelming stench to the neighboring yards have made it impossible to relax in our yards. The short fence along this planted area and signage do not keep people out. This fence needs to be upgraded to a taller one like the one that borders the exterior of the park. Another upgrade that should be considered that was not during the initial design is sound barrier fencing between the buildings of the neighboring yards. This will give the neighbors some privacy while mitigating the screaming that has made it challenging to have any quality of life in our yards.

Sound Barrier Example

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