Fix staircases in Prospect Park. 4.86/5 (7)

Hi Brad,

I’m writing regarding the attached flyer I received from my son’s school: PS154. I’m unable to make the meeting, but wanted to suggest a few things that the $$ should go towards.

My family are avid birders in Prospect Park & for the 9 yrs. we’ve lived near there – the stair cases in the middle of the park have been non-functional. See attached photos I took last weekend making my way from Windsor Terrace to the Vale thru the woods. I just don’t get why this is. The other one that is out of order is by the Nethermead Arches as you make your way down to the Nethermead. Its frustrating that these have been out of order for soo many years & I don’t understand why the Prospect Park Alliance or anyone else hasn’t done anything to fix them.

Also, constantly disturbed by garbage in the park. A park clean up would be nice. That is my one way to escape the city & get to nature fast, but it’s amazing to me the waste that is in the water, the woods, etc. I walked through in the winter/early Spring when it was empty & noticed a lot of garbage & had this thought.

Those are my suggestions, thanks for reading & considering,

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