New Play Structure at 180 7th Avenue/P.S.321 4.69/5 (39)

P.S. 321 is the largest public elementary school in Park Slope, Brooklyn.
There is a dilapidated play structure on 7th avenue between 1st and 2nd street needing replacement. While the play structure is located at P.S. 321 it is widely used by the entire community.

This play area is a central place for people of the various neighboring communities to meet in the early mornings, afternoons and on weekends. I truly believe updating this school playground would be a wise community investment. A great school playground provides a safe and healthy place for children to stay active, improve their social skills and fight off childhood obesity. Playgrounds strengthen families and communities and I am hopeful this investment will be considered when delegating participatory budget funds.

A safe child friendly play structure at this location will impact so many children on a daily basis while equally at once strengthening and building community among local families. My children have long ago aged out of play structures yet I am inspired and motivated to advocate for this neighborhood initiative.

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  1. I would also add that a water fountain be added to the front playground and updated in the back playground as childrenin front do not have access to a water fountain when playing. Unfortunately, as these playground start to break down, pieces just get taken away and posts get taped up. A safer, newer playground will be a benefit to everyone in the Park Slope community with kids to play here during or after school hours.

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