Provide funds for the Kensington shelter to set up a big brothers/big sister program with local high school students and kids at the shelter 4.75/5 (8)

Kensington neighborhood residents are very involved with the Kensington Shelter. A program like this — which could be done at other shelters in the Council Member’s district — would allocate funds to the shelter provider to use for setting up and running the program. This is a great opportunity for high school students to have a meaningful volunteering experience in their neighborhood and would be helpful for shelter residents who are looking for “big kid” role models. The program would not be very expensive, but funds would be needed for advertising the program to neighborhood high school students, as well as for running the program, and provide funding for social events for the program (e.g. a “graduation” from the program for shelter residents and a thank you celebration for the high school students from the neighborhood who are participating).

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