A Wall for Projector/Screen at Avenue C Plaza 4.14/5 (7)

Avenue C Plaza has a need for other programmatic/recreational activities. One simple activity that can enhance quality of life in the area, is being able to project and have movie screenings on a weekly or monthly basis during the summer time. Imagine the backdrop of trains emerging from Church Avenue, the orange-pink sunsets off to the right leading to picturesque photos.

Coco or dilwale dulhaniya le jayega is on a big screen. There’s a popcorn and phuchka stand across the street. Families all eating and watching.

This idea proposes a giant wall to be erected near the MTA isle/ training complex on Avenue C. The wall can serve as a space to project Movies, art exhibits and lights shows at Avenue C plaza. Movie screenings can take place during the summer time, increasing foot traffic in the neighborhood plaza area.

The wall itself would not obstruct current pedestrian walkway in this space. Instead, it would be pegged near or around the MTA facility. It would be tall enough to host movie screenings. The bottom portion of the wall, based on design, can also potentially serve as a mural space as well.

Most importantly, it would create a new dimension to the Avenue C plaza space allowing for people to really enjoy and use the space and create more shared gatherings of all the different communities within Kensington.

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