Eliminate a health public hazard 4.2/5 (5)

Prospect Park
For the past four years a low lying portion of the path directly above the ball fields, running between 9th Street Path and the Horse Corral, had suffered from a collapsed drain. The results is a sludge filled pool of black liquid that is most certainly unhealthy for passing dogs as well as children. It’s been named Lake Lepto (leptospirosis being a kidney disease caused by rat urine)

The Park officials appear helpless – the drain will be redone once the last two ball fields directly below are leveled and rebuilt. Since it takes two years to comeplete two ball fields and this one at best is four years away, Lake Lepto will remain a health hazard for the foreseeable future. Did I mention that when filled to its overflow, the feted water is up around the base of nearby lamp posts? Oh, my…

It’s an embarrassment.


The drain will ever be fixed. I suggest that this depression be leveled to grade and the pathway coated with a new layer of asphalt…

It will be known as the Brad Landers freeway….

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