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Although 4th avenue is traversed by hundreds of thousands of drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and marathoners every year, very few are aware that this stretch of road used to be the most picturesque thoroughfare in all of Brooklyn! It’s hard to believe, but 4th Avenue actually used to be known as “the Park Ave of Brooklyn” – adorned with beautiful wide medians, lush landscaping, and mature shade trees. Unfortunately after 4th ave was torn up to install the subway, it was never restored to its former glory….so let us finish the job which should have been completed long ago. The restoration would primarily require landscaping and trees to be plants along the sidewalks and in the medians. Let’s make 4th avenue one of the nicest roads in all of Brooklyn once again….everyone loves a comeback story!

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“Over the years, Brooklyn’s Fourth Avenue——which stretches for six miles from the Barclays Center to Bay Ridge——has gained the reputation of Brooklyn’s worst thoroughfare. Bulky new development, limited commercial activity, and a wide, mostly treeless roadway earned it the nickname of the “Canyon of Mediocrity.” What you would never guess walking down Fourth Avenue, however, is that it was once considered the Park Avenue of Brooklyn. Between 1896 and 1900, this thoroughfare was built out as a grand boulevard with paved streets, sidewalks, electric lights, and a lush landscaped median strip. The glory days of Fourth Avenue didn’t last long; the construction of the subway lines in 1910 marked the beginning of the end.”

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