A much safer and fair traffic laws arrangement 5/5 (1)

New York City and N.Y. State have, for a long time, had traffic
laws which, when broken assigning moving violations to N.Y.State
Courts, and non-moving violations to N.Y. City Courts. The result negativity of such an arrangement is that our police limit
many of the moving violations to the least dangerous ones, becausee the the city collects none of the fees from the State Courts.
The state collects none of the parking violations
fees! The result is, that motorcycles are seldom stopped, even when they demonstrate in front of the Brooklyn Museum on
one wheel. They even sometimes proceed down pedestrian/ bike path on path on Eastern Parkway, and seldom (if ever) have been
stopped. This arrangement with the Albany, is absurd and very
much to the favor of the State. Both Albany and NYC would be
safer + more finances if all the traffic violation $$$$ were shared
Please work to change and make our city much safer!

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