Additional resources for D15 Middle School Diversity Plan 4.5/5 (12)

With the impending changes to the D15 Middle School admissions process through the Diversity Plan, can participatory budgeting provide additional funds for teacher training? I am concerned that the additional funding that DOE has identified for teacher training to handle the transition to more diverse student populations (I believe $500,000) will prove to be inadequete. Additional to more training, can participatory funds be directed to other measures to help ensure success of the D15 Diversity Plan such as: funding additional middle school enrichment programs, additional staffing, and a more rigorous long-term longitudinal study of the students to track outcomes compared to districts that remain under the screening-based system? Given that the D15 Diversity Plan is arguably the MOST important educational system change taking place in our District and City, I would hope that available participatory budget funds could be directed to help ensure the success of the transition and roll-out.

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