Build Farm To Table Culinary Project at Boerum Hill School for International Studies. 2.5/5 (2)

The school already has a state-approved CTE culinary arts program and a space to build a garden with an abandoned greenhouse on site. Ms. Brunell, the CTE Director and culinary arts teacher, wants to work with Seeds in the Middle (a not for profit) to transform the program to Farm to Classroom to Table as well as restructuring the curriculum for School Wellness, Sustainability, Health Education, Nutrition, Global Culture, and hopefully, changing the school lunch to create delicious, nutritional options for students and the community. The project will be run and operated by students, family and community and the not for profit, Seeds in the Middle. Central to this program is also boosting educational and health equity for all our children. The school population is proudly diverse and we see this project as a model to achieve greater equity in our education system. This is both a capital and expense ask because it requires some equipment, renovating the greenhouse, building edible garden beds for growing food and garden-related capacity building as well as educational and programmatic support by Seeds in the Middle and other potential partners. We also see this project enabling students to engage in local and larger NYC culinary, hospitality and tourism businesses and to make the school-based culinary program and farm a go-to destination. This project may grow to become a student-run farmers market and flea market and much more.

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