The Outdoor Community Space for Borough Park Library 4.67/5 (3)

This idea was presented by me at last year’s Participatory Budget Meeting. It was selected for presentation but did not win the vote. I feel this is a very valuable project for both the library and the community. I would like to re-propose this idea. The Borough Park Library has a nice outdoor space in the front where we can install some benches, and small tables for community use. The space will be useful for social events for adults, hangout for teens, read aloud for children, and break time for snack for all. These are just a few of the multiple possible uses of the space. The best part is library Wi-Fi is available at all times in this area. Part of the space is covered by an awning so it is even usable in inclement weather. Currently we have a few old chairs in the space which are used very often — just imagine the usage if we had new and more inviting furnishings. Plants could also embellish the space and make a greener environment.

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