A complete make-over of Carroll Park to include artificial turf baseball and soccer fields, much like all the other parks are doing. Think a slighlty smaller JJ Byrne Park. 2/5 (1)

Carroll Park could and should be the focal point of Carroll Gardens. It’s a large park that is often used nothing more than a cut through from the subway to Court Street. Parks all over the city are being revamped with turf fields, modern playgrounds and sprinklers. I just saw on NY1 this morning, they are re-doing another one in the Bronx. This is long overdo. The basketball court areas and baseball field is nothing more than a large cement lot. The bocce ball courts are filled with garbage and the fact that one is locked all the time is a mystery to most residents including me. Small fixes here and there are just band aides, and a waste of money. This has the potiential of being a huge asset to our community. I am a resident of Carroll Gardens. I have 2 small children. Like many, we’ve debated moving to the suburbs. We have recently committed to staying in the neighborhood, but are sad that our kids don’t have a local beautiful park to kick a ball around, spread a blanket out, have a picnic. This project is a no brainer to me. I’m happy to join a committee to get this thing going. Karen

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