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STUDENT REQUEST – Please help us replace our outdated lockers and locks so that students have a place where they can store their belongings comfortably and relieve their backache-causing bookbags! Currently we do not have enough lockers for all 700 of our students so many students go the entire year without a place to put their coats and bookbags. Additionally, our available locks are many years old and oftentimes unopenable, leading to frustration. To set students up for success, they need a secure location to put their coats and belongings. Locker and lock replacement would cost about $10,000. FAMILY REQUEST – Over 30% of our families speak a language other than English and we continuously have difficulties with translation. We are requesting much needed funds to purchase simultaneous translation equipment for our family events/workshops (amount requested $1,000) so that they can be an integral part of our school life.

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