Dog Run for Kensington/ Windsor Terrace 4.33/5 (3)

To turn the triangular dirt patch next to 5th street playground and Fort Hamilton F/G station into a dog run. (On Fort Hamilton Parkway and East 5th street). Currently, this space is a dirt patch that serves as an unofficial dog run- but only because there is no where else to bring your pooch in Kensington/ Windsor Terrace, lest you hike over to Prospect Park. Turn this unofficial dog run into an official one- maybe grass or mulch instead of dirt that gets kicked up and causes dirty dogs and owners. Maybe a bench or two for owners to sit on, a doggie water fountain, a biodegradable bag dispenser for pick up bags, some plants/bushes, a gate that is easier to open and close when trying to enter/leave without letting all the dogs out.

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