I would like to see railing installed on all the staircases on Lookout Hill in Prospect Park. I am a long-time birder and getting up in years. It is very dangerous for me and for other seniors, etc., to climb the stairs without railings to hold on to. Particularly the steep staircase on the southwest (lake) side of the hill. Ideally, the park would install new steps and railings, since the steps are all broken up except for one staircase they fixed (Md. Monument), but the immediate issue is installing railings, so that infirm park goers can enjoy the hill along with everyone else. Thank you. Maude Brown 5/5 (1)

See description above. My idea is to install railings on the staircases leading up to the top of Lookout Hill in Prospect Park. As I said, the steps are broken and steep, and it is dangerous for seniors and other infirm people (even children) to mount those stairs without railings. I am a birder and have enjoyed birding in the park and on the hill for over 30 years, but now I’m afraid to climb those stairs. There is a path going up to the hill, but it is not always convenient to use it, since it is long and on the other side of the hill. The southwest staircase is particularly steep. The park has restored one staircase near the Maryland Monument, but it doesn’t have a railing although it is not as steep as the other staircases. The best outcome would be to restore the stairs and add railings, but my immediate wish would be to at least install railings. They may not fit the rustic look, but it is a safety issue. Thank you. Maude Brown

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