Project: “Down Payment” on Elevator at 7th Ave F/G Station
Location: 7th Avenue/9th St.
Cost: $250,000
Description: Construction of an elevator at this subway station would address much-needed access. Seventh Avenue station deserves to be at the top of the list for accessible subways, due to its proximity to Methodist Hospital just down the street — as well as the hospital’s new outpatient-care facility set to open on Sixth Street between Seventh and Eighth avenues in 2020 — and the Park Slope Center for Successful Aging, which serves more than 4,000 seniors each year. This initiative is supported widely by the community, from elected officials to neighbors, and is an idea that has been discussed for many years. Not a single subway station is accessible in District 39 and an elevator at 7th Ave. is long overdue.

Parks and Environment

Project: Prospect Park Sidewalk for Pedestrian Safety
Location: Litchfield Villa’s Parking Lot in Prospect Park
Cost: $500,000
Description: The parking lot of Litchfield Villa is heavily used by pedestrians to access the Picnic House and other parts of Prospect Park. The hill adjacent to Litchfield Villa is not accessible (steep and steps), so a sidewalk or protected path would address safety and access in the parking lot.


Project: MS 51: New All-Gender Bathrooms & Water Fountains
Location: 350 5th Avenue
Cost: $140,000
Description: Students who don’t have access to private, adequate restroom facilities are at increased risk for negative health outcomes (i.e. urinary tract infection) or avoid drinking water the entire day to not have to use the restroom and are at a risk for dehydration.  Some students report missing school because they do not feel comfortable using the restroom without adequate privacy.  LGBTQ students have said that GSAs, LGBTQ afirming books and gender neutral bathrooms are what is needed to save lives in their community.  We have two out of three.  Please help us to support our LGBTQ youth. We have 1135 students and only one good working water fountain. 

Project: PS 130: New Flooring for Safer Environment
Location: PS 130 Lower School
Cost: $600,000
Description: Tile replacement for the hallways and rooms for the second, third, fourth and fifth floor. Rooms and hallways have damaged (scraped, holes, exposed floor) ACM tiles. This is hazardous for both staff, teachers and students, in terms of safety. Administrative staff have pointed out that they have seen rodent problems due to these broken floor tiles as well. The school is requesting that all these rooms are replaced with new tile floor.

Project: Give 1000 Elementary School Kids at P.S. 58 a Decent Playground
Location: PS 58 The Carroll School
Cost: $500,000
Description: P.S. 58 is now one of the last elementary schools in the district – if not the last—to have a plain, unshaded, tarmac for a playground. The playground is also extremely exposed to foot traffic on Smith Street (unauthorized interactions between passersby and students occur), and there is a consensus within the school community that a privacy barrier should be installed. The purpose of this project would be to provide several elements to provide more seating, more shade, and more natural/green elements to the space while preserving plenty of open play space. Specific features: -6 to 12 tree plantings -2-6 benches for seating under and/or near the trees -upgraded fencing to provide more privacy -a barrier of plantings between the fencing and the play area to provide an additional buffer from the sidewalk

Project: BNS/BCS: Bleachers for Student/Community Seating
Location: BNS (PS 146)/BCS (K448)
Cost: $300,000
Description: Brooklyn Secondary School for Collaborative studies needs to replace its gymnasium bleachers. The school fields 9 PSAL teams, which are part of the Outward Bound Curriculum the schools follow. Both schools use these bleachers. The existing bleachers cannot be reliably extended nor reset and major areas of the hard plastic are broken (currently taped). The athletic coach has cut her hand on bleachers.

Arts and Community Facilities

Project: Reading Garden with WiFi for Borough Park Library
Location: Borough Park Library, 1265 43rd Street
Cost: $ 350,000
Description: The Borough Park Library has one of the highest circulation rates in Brooklyn and ranks within the top 10 for program sessions and attendance, offering ESL & Citizenship classes, computer training for adults and literacy programs for children of all ages. The Library is housed in a modest two-story building ringed by a narrow concrete yard, currently used for staff parking on the left side of the building and empty on the remaining three sides. To create a welcoming environment, library staff have placed old chairs in front of the building, allowing library patrons and members of the community a place to sit, chat, eat and access free WiFi. To replace those chairs, this proposal – The Secret Garden – includes the installation of 2 – 3 benches in front of the library with potted greenery to beautify the area.