Our 2019 winning projects are…

  1. Trash Bins for Clean Streets (4181 votes)
  2. Diaper Changing Stations for Parks & Playgrounds (2214 votes)
  3. Sewing Circles for Survivors of Domestic Violence, led by Sakhi for South Asian Women (2176 votes)
  4. Train Spanish-Speaking Teens to be Educators, led by One World Project (1977 votes)
  5. Bilingual Mental Health First Aid Training, led by Muslims Thrive (1892 votes)

Project: Trash Bins for Clean Streets
Location: District-wide
Cost: $8,000
Description: Litter is becoming an increasingly rampant problem in our community’s public spaces, particularly in areas with high pedestrian traffic. Installation of high-volume trash bins will significantly decrease waste overflow and increase the amount of garbage that can be collected in a single receptacle, while reducing local rat and pest populations.

Project: Diaper Changing Stations for Parks & Playgrounds
Location: Nine locations around the district
Cost: $6,500
Description: Many of the public bathrooms in District 39’s parks and playgrounds are lacking diaper changing stations. Installing these in public bathrooms of all genders would provide safer and more sanitary diaper changing experience for the children and caregivers of District 39.

Project: Sewing Circles for Survivors of Domestic Violence
Location: Kensington
Cost: $10,000
Description: 5 sessions led by counselors and facilitators who are trained in trauma informed therapy will help to lead and guide classes to create space for individuals in the community come and heal. Through community programming, these different healing circles will help individuals in Kensington, and the Bangladeshi community in particular heal from any particular traumas they are facing. The 5 different outreach sessions will ensure anyone from the community can come and participate in sewing circles, storytelling sessions, and other forms of community programming with counselors who are specialized in handling different training. These five different sessions will make sure a particular community has a space to heal while participating in trauma informed art therapies. By having dedicated community sessions to help different community members come and heal through different forms of art, including knitting, sewing, painting and more these community programs can provide a venue for everyone in the community to come and heal and have access to counseling, especially for anyone is a survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Project: Train Spanish-Speaking Teens to be Educators
Location: One World Project, Windsor Terrace
Cost: $16,000
Description: The goal of this proposal is to expand the pilot “Counselor-in-Training” program at One World Project (OWP), a school and community center in Windsor Terrace. The program is designed as a leadership, life skills, and community-building opportunity for Spanish-speaking adolescents ages 11 to 17 years old. Adolescent counselors will learn about social and emotional development, positive discipline, open-ended art, mediation, and teaching in a Spanish-immersion classroom environment. The expansion will allow the program to triple in size to admit a total of 9 counselors and provide 6 weeks of wages to participants older than 14 years old

Project: Bilingual Mental Health First Aid Training
Location: Kensington
Cost: $7,600
Description: In collaboration with community leaders and community-based organizations, Muslims Thrive would provide a series of culturally-competent programming tailored for the families of Kensington. Starting with a mapping of needs through focus groups done with local community members, a series of events will be hosted with the purpose of empowering people with the information, support and skills needed to address the mental health challenges that Kensington families are having. Throughout this series, there will be Mental Health First Aid trainings led by bilingual and bicultural facilitators that are also culturally responsive to the Bangladeshi community. These 8-hour certification courses, provided by ThriveNYC and Muslims Thrive, provide people with a better understanding of common mental health issues and their own capacity to help through the use of empathetic and compassionate strategies.