Beverley Rd. Pedestrian Plaza 3.99/5 (120)

I’m proposing closing a one block section of Beverley Rd. between Church Ave. and E. 2nd St. and creating a pedestrian plaza. We already have what is deemed “Kensington Plaza” outside of Walgreens there, but it is underutilized by residents and often just the congregating point for homeless. I propose closing that one block stretch of Beverley to create a larger, greener public space. The intersection of Church and Beverley is a dangerous one and this would eliminate the vehicle/pedestrian conflict by eliminating turns on to Beverley. The space would be large, could easily accommodate wonderful public events as they currently do at Ave. C Plaza and would give the neighborhood a much needed car-free zone. Kensington needs more public spaces for the young families and children that are moving to the neighborhood and this is an easy way to do it. Enlarge Kensington plaza for the good of the neighborhood!

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