Car Seat Recycling Program 4.5/5 (4)

Greetings! I’m writing as the Executive Director of Little Essentials- we are currently one of the only organizations in NYC who is willing to take on the massive job of helping New Yorkers donate their car seats for reuse. The process is difficult and also generates a lot of extra waste – people often don’t know what to do with their car seats and bring them to us – generating massive piles of plastic for us to deal with! We are committed to helping New York City tackle this issue, but we are sorely in need of resources and space to handle this process. We also need to work with the city to develop a car seat recycling program for those that are expired- you wouldn’t believe the number of car seats that come our way that we have to toss in the garbage because we simply don’t currently have the resources to deal with this problem. I’d love to speak more about this – please feel free to call me at 917.817.1745. All good things, Wendy Moore .

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