Pedestrian and bicycle safety 4.35/5 (20)

In Scotland they have a very smart system of crosswalks and traffic lights. First the north/south bound traffic gets the green light then the east/west. During this time no pedestrians are allowed to cross which expedites the flow of traffic as no turning vehicles need to worry about pedestrians blocking the crosswalks. The third light is just for pedestrians who are now allowed to cross all 4 crosswalks without danger of being hit by a car. Each corner had fencing leading up to the crosswalks to force pedestrians to cross at the corners.

With regards to bicycles, we need protected bike lanes. Additionally, anyone driving down the more narrow side residential streets exceeding 15mph can tell you that 25mph is too fast to allow you to stop should a child or animal suddenly run out if front of you, especially when you consider most drivers usually exceed the speed limit by 10mph or more!

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