Safety and Quality of Life along Ocean Parkway 4.47/5 (19)

In pursuing the Vision Zero objective, I would really like to see the implementation of some serious traffic enforcement on Ocean Parkway. There is drag racing with loud engine revving during the night (especially on the weekends – many motorcycles but additionally some souped up cars); cars do not yield to emergency vehicles (causing loud noise from the emergency vehicles frantically trying to get through, with intersections especially problematic), and cars speed through intersections with little or no regard to pedestrians.

There is a strong issue on quality of life here along Ocean Parkway. At Avenue C, motorcycles that opt to stop for the red light often loudly and needlessly rev their engines while waiting. When properly driven, motorcycles are not inherently deafeningly loud. People blast car radios with windows wide open – clearly with little to no regard for residents.

There seems to be a lack of courtesy and human decency that pervades our society. Road rage seems to be more of the norm than the sickness that it is. Cars stopped at an intersection are beeping for those in front to go even before the light has turned green.

And, one more quality of life issue: There are often great wafts of cigarette smoke that come from the street into apartment windows. Perhaps it is time to extend the no smoking policy to public areas where children and others are forced to breathe it in.

If you have additional suggestions on who to contact, I’d be grateful.

Thank you,
Rhonda Cohen

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