Improve Safety at Ocean Parkway and Beverly 4.55/5 (29)

Improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety at Ocean Parkway and Beverly Road. Install traffic lights on Ocean Parkway Service Road and Beverley Road intersections both north and southbound to ensure full stops and safety for pedestrian crossing. Improve Right Turn system from Beverley onto Ocean Parkway, and Left Turn system from Ocean Parkway onto Beverley. Extremely dangerous and clogged with traffic.

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One thought on “Improve Safety at Ocean Parkway and Beverly

  1. Yes, the service roads along Ocean Parkway are all dangerous for pedestrians and traffic as well. Some drivers do not adhere to the red light that has stopped the traffic on the main lanes and continue driving. I wonder if they do not realize or care that the traffic in the opposing direction has the right of way. I have witnessed a lot of near misses.

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