Improve the Parade Grounds passageway 4.25/5 (4)

For those of us from South of the park who bike in Prospect Park, please consider improvements to the shortcut roadway through the Parade Grounds that runs between Machate circle at Parkside and Caton near Stratford. This passage (that runs between the park maintenance building and the fields and tennis courts) is and has been in an embarrassing state of disrepair for a very long time. The passageway, which includes parking spaces and some benches, is supposed to also have a pedestrian path. That has been blocked by a shipping container being used for storage. That means that the pot-hole filled roadway must be shared by bikes, cars and pedestrians. Oh, and did I mention that with the slightest rainfall, huge puddles form at the entrance to the crossroad to the parade grounds.
Please help to give this passage back to the people and make it a more pleasant and safe place.

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