Re-think Plastic Packaging 4.5/5 (16)

The problem is explained pretty well here:
The proposed solution is to incentivize stores to eliminate unnecessary packaging and then struggle to deal with the more necessary types.
Examples of unnecessary packaging:
1.Plastic bags to bring fruits and vegetables home and keep in refrigerator. Keeps in bin just fine or in a glass container you keep at home, Examples lettuce. peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers etc.
2. Plastic bags for bulk dry items eg oatmeal – all of these can be replaced with compostable brown paper bags. Pour items in a jar at home to store. Compost bag.
3. Eliminate packaging types: plastic wrap w/styrofoam, clamshells (eg, for salad!!!!) , plastic netting. These can be outlawed in NYC.
4. Eliminate all plastic egg cartons. Uncoated paper works great- no adhesive labels.
5.Stores can distribute berries etc in uncoated paper pints with no top.
6. Eliminate plastic wrapping for toilet paper, TAX plastic wrapper TY and Fine stores that do not stock paper wrapped single rolls if they have plastic wrap types.
7, oxygen bleach (white powder) used to be readily available in paper carton. Now only available in plastic tub so incentivize suppliers like Whole foods to change from plastic to uncoated paper!
8. Need takeout options- allow stores to fill customers own container? returnable metal containers supplied by stores. There are issues with harmful coatings on some of the supposedly compostable packaging.
And thats just a start, Give people a CHOICE to live sustainably.

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