Adults with Special Needs programming 4.35/5 (46)

I work at the Pacific library where every day we have groups of adults with special needs visiting from nearby community centers. With limited funding from Friends of the Pacific Library, we have been able to offer a monthly art program to these groups. We are able to fund it until December, however offering it twice a month and continuing it into next year would be a dream. Recently we were fortunate to have a performance artist visit weekly for one month offering a program to our special needs adults that engaged them in movement, song, and story telling. The results were amazing. Unfortunately our funds ran out. We are looking for ways to continue these valuable services. Seeing how both the art program and the movement program brought these adults out, put expressions of joy and self worth on their faces, and fostered pride and encouragement among them was all the motivation we needed to try and find ways to keep these programs going. I hope you consider our idea. Thank you.

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