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Hello, my suggestion for our community is a mobile green space or two for Kensington. There is almost nowhere to sit in this densely packed, shade lacking neighborhood. A mobile pedestrian plaza would give neighbors an opportunity to sit, relax, interact with each other, and meet neighbors across ages, cultures, and backgrounds. When my youngest son was a baby, I felt like to go out of the apartment with him, I had to either keep moving or pay to sit down somewhere. There was nowhere I could just take him and sit, let alone hold him or breastfeed him.

I think this idea is especially important now that the Windsor terrace library is closed for the next two years.

I’d like to propose that these sanctuaries from cars be named for Maria and Jose, our two neighbors who were just killed by automobiles in recent weeks.

I have photos of examples of Mobile pedestrian Plazas that I have seen in Manhattan and Boston, but cannot attach them here. I have emailed them to Brad.

Thanks for your work on PB!

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