Tree guards to protect our street trees 4.72/5 (18)

Street trees are vital to our community. But, unfortunately, many city trees , including some recently planted near our schools, parks and other community areas in Kensington/Windsor Terrace are not protected with tree fences (also called tree guards). The NYC Parks department states that “Tree guards are fences around the perimeter of a tree pit that provide a physical barrier between a tree and our sometimes harsh urban environment. These tree guards reduce soil compaction, shield the trunk from physical damage, and prevent pet waste from entering the tree pit. Tree guards have been proven to extend the longevity of trees, reduce mortality rates, and can also provide a small protected planting bed for gardening.”
I recommend some participatory budgeting funds are used to install NYC Parks approved tree guards to designated trees in the Kensington/Windsor Terrace areas, with an emphasis on younger trees that are more vulnerable to damage during their early growth phase.

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