Allow therapy dogs on buses and subways 2.75/5 (4)

That Therapy Dogs Be Allowed On Public Transportation

Cost to the public=0 $$

City Council should pass a resolution to allow therapy dogs on busses or subways for the purpose of getting to the facility where they volunteer.

As the sole therapy dog representative of the Good Dog Foundation at the Brooklyn VA, I’ve been told by a number of GD volunteers that they don’t have cars/don’t want to use their car even though the VA has a parking (crammed until 2pm) lot.

We’ve considered volunteering with Cosi at the Langone Cancer center on 34th Street but even the valet parking for patients costs $20–not much by New York City standards but still…

We have a certificate of appreciation from Brad Landers for the work our previous therapy dog Denali did during Hurricane Sandy at the 15th Street Armory. I’m sure he remembers us.

Bob Ipcar
Jane Landis
Cosi the Therapy Dog who works both at NYP Methodist and the Brooklyn VA

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