Brooklyn’s Historic Visual Corridor – Gone in 2 years No ratings yet.

Community wishes preserved the view of the statue of Minerva in Green-Wood Cemetery saluting the Statue of Liberty….Can community wishes preserve the view of the Empire State Building through Brooklyn’s Civil War Memorial Arch? #brooklynmirador
Building 6 at 219′ in Atlantic Yards will block the historic visual corridor.

In October 1869, 20 years before the Arch, the first statue dedicated to Abraham Lincoln was unveiled on the axis, facing the site of the Empire State Building 60 years before it was built. In February 1870, 4 months later, Frederick Law Olmsted stated
“A park should be planned with constant consideration of
exterior objects, some of them quite at a distance and
even existing as yet only in the imagination of the painter.”

Save this amazing work of art by Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, the artists who created Prospect Park.

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