Children’s Clothing Exchange 3.8/5 (5)

The self-regulated clothing exchange pods are designed to extend the lifecycle of your children’s outgrown clothes and promote sustainability. Eventually, the pods will be expanded into various neighborhoods.

Pls see following criteria/conditions:

1. To utilize empty commercial spaces
2. Conditions of clothings – gently used, no major stain, no tear, no broken zippers or other closures, simply put, in conditions that you want your child to wear
3. Membership only at a minimal fees or no fee
4. Each member is granted a 45 minute time slot (adjustable based in evaluation), including drop-off time and selection time
5. Each member is to organize drop-off items systematically
6. Each member is to retrieve desired items, and leave the pod organized as if it’s your own home
7. Eventually to set up an app for member to lock in desire time slots and retrieve code to enter the pod

All in all, this clothing exchange pod is to help reduce clothing waste, extend clothing life cycle, and promote sustainability within our communities.

Thank you!

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