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Bill McKibben recently predicted that one of the most lucrative industries of the future in our warming climate will be a food farm situated around a green energy production facility. Essentially, growing crops beside solar panels or wind turbines.

Why not get started on this project in the heart of our district at The Old Stone House at Washington Park? They already have a farm garden; this project would just expand that growing space and install an array of solar panels, a wind turbine and the proper access and educational material to facilitate a teaching site for local school children and interested public visitors.
Finding roughly an acre of cemented space and converting it to additional garden space would be good for the absorption of stormwater near Gowanus and provide additional space for wildlife & pollinators. The solar and wind power could provide energy for the community space at Old Stone House as well as powering the park, which can become the first fully off-the-grid park space in NYC. Any additional food or flower crops can be used in their existing education programs.
The space would become a leading example of addressing climate change through meaningful action now.

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