Install a protected bike lane on Court St 5/5 (4)

Court St. needs a bike lane.

There are two north-bound bike lanes on the adjacent streets—one on Smith St and one on Clinton—but traveling south by bike is much more difficult. There is a shared lane with traffic, but the cars on Court St often travel fast and cut close to bikers. With the recent spike in bicyclist deaths in New York, we need to do everything we can to make biking safe no matter your age or ability.

The reality is that biking on Court St. today is not safe.

The proposal is to remove a lane of parking and install a protected bike lane. This would preserve the existing two lanes of traffic and other lane of parking, and make the neighborhood a more pleasant place. It would offer the kids who live in Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill a route to bike along safely, as well as protect the many other adults and delivery bikers who travel down Court.

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