Pedestrian Safety/Make bikers obey traffic laws 4.14/5 (7)

Please allocate resources to ticketing bikers/electric bikers who do not obey traffic laws. These vehicles – especially electric bikes! – travel at high velocities and are constantly running red lights with no regard for pedestrian safety. Would we tolerate cars doing this? My children and I have been almost hit by bikes more times than I can count.

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  1. More than just ticketing, Cyclists ages 18 & up riding bikes (electric and otherwise) should licensed , registered, insured and, more importantly: identifiable. Perhaps this will curb some of the behavior of going thru red lights, stops signs, down one way streets the wrong way and on sidewalks. Two thirds of City population is held accountable to obey the traffic laws : Pedestrians and motorists. Cyclists should be added to the mix and perhaps there’ll be safer streets all around. Everyone traveling about the city also needs to consider the words STOP and YIELD in all circumstances.

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