Period Parity in Public Schools 4.33/5 (9)

It is a lot of trouble to go through having your period during school. With schools having so many rules surrounding going to the bathroom, it is incredibly difficult to go to the restroom when you don’t have your period. And when you DO, it is much harder. At many schools you are only allowed to go to the bathroom twice a day. At some you cannot go in the first or last ten minutes of class. In others you are not allowed to go when someone else is out of the room and in some schools, you are not allowed to bring anything with you. You can see how this might pose a problem if you need to switch your pad. And on top of all this girls are expected to somehow get a pad or tampon from their bag and leave the room without letting anyone notice. That is if the girl has extra pads or tampons at all.
We need free pads and tampons in public school bathrooms. Every girl has a period. And every girl needs the products required for them. However, not every girl has access to these necessities. Pads and tampons are very expensive and not every woman can afford them. These are basic needs that every school should provide, just as schools provide tissues and Band-Aids for students. Many schools have hygiene products in the bathrooms, but you need to pay for them. And the dispensers are always empty.
Getting the physical products for students in school bathrooms is only part of the battle. We need to work to change the stigma surrounding periods. We need to create posters and pamphlets that explain periods so that we can normalize them. We should make sure people, students especially, understand that periods are normal and that there is absolutely nothing dirty about them. We need to create an environment where girls can think about polygons and percentages and paragraphs and plays and perspectives and particles not periods. Period.

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