Pool at Greenwood Ballfield No ratings yet.

Greenwood Playground (North of Ft Hamilton Pkway, between E 5th St and the Prospect Expressway) has a huge ballfield adjacent to it, a portion of which is used for baseball games but a large part of which is somewhat underused and inefficiently planned. This would be a great space to add a public outdoor pool to serve the Windsor Terrace/Kensington neighborhoods similar to the Douglass Street pool in Gowanus.

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2 thoughts on “Pool at Greenwood Ballfield

  1. I would love a public pool option in our area. However Greenwood ballfield is directly over the Ft Hamilton subway station so I think it’s not likely the best site (I imagine you can dig up the ground).

  2. I meant to say “you can’t dig up the ground” at that location. (system won’t let me edit that comment) so hope this makes more sense.

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