Traffic Safety at 7th Avenue and 19th Street 5/5 (3)

During school drop off and pick up times, traffic at 7th Avenue and 19th Street is especially dangerous for school children crossing those streets to get to PS 295, New Voices and MS 88 (as well as PS 10, which is only a few blocks away). Cars turning left (from 7th Ave) to get onto the 19th Street Prospect Expressway ramp constantly cut ahead of kids crossing with the light (and don’t give right of way to cars turning right). There is also and a major bus stop for those schools just past 19th Street, with kids crossing 7th Avenue also caught in the crossfire of traffic and left turns. Although there has been a crossing guard positioned on 7th Ave, the guard is unable to mitigate the traffic situation alone. A study of this intersection’s traffic issues during school drop off and pick up times would be helpful, the addition of a left turn signal or an additional crossing guard (for 19th Street) even better.

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