Improve Ft. Hamilton Pkwy/Park Circle bridge/pedestrian walkway 5/5 (3)

The bridge from Park Circle to Fort Hamilton Parkway needs two improvements to make it safe for pedestrians.

1. Extend the pedestrian sidewalk to Park Circle from the bridge. Currently, everyone must cross at the problematic crosswalk at the corner of E 7th St. and the bridge. Extending the sidewalk on the bridge side would allow pedestrians to continue to the circle without crossing.

2. Improve the E 7th St./Bridge pedestrian crossing. Currently, a blinking orange light means pedestrians must push the button to turn the light red. Even so, many cars run this red on their way to the Prospect Expressway onramp around the corner.

This light should become a normal timed light with a speed bump prior to the crossing. Cars need to be slowed down as they believe they are about to go onto the onramp.

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