Capital Projects (total available to allocate: $1.5 million)

  1. Laptops for the Windsor Terrace and Borough Park Libraries ($152,000)
    Provide 48 laptops to increase community access to technology & info at the Windsor Terrace & Borough Park libraries
  2. ADA Playground Equipment at the Children’s School (P.S. 372) ($600,000)
    Innovative equipment for ADA-accessible playground at inclusion school to meet its students’ physical and social needs
  3. Smartboards for P.S. 282 ($85,000)
    15 Smartboards to empower teachers with tools to increase accessibility and engage students of varied learning styles
  4. Gym Renovation for Brooklyn School of Collaborative Studies/Brooklyn New School ($100,000)
    Renovate K-12 Gymnasium to provide safe space for athletic events and community gatherings
  5. Indoor Plant Lab at P.S. 130 ($250,000)
    Hydroponics Lab would create hands-on learning for preK-2nd grade students and increase appreciation for plant science
  6. Repave the Walking Paths in Prospect Park Nethermead ($500,000)
    Repave the walking paths within the Nethermead of Prospect Park to provide smooth, accessible pathways to park goers
  7. Reconstruct the Pagoda in the Prospect Park Ravine ($750,000)
    Restore the historic covered pavilion in the Ravine, a structure for visitors in the heart of Prospect Park
  8. Install Solar Panels at the Carroll Gardens and Borough Park Libraries ($700,000)
    Install solar panels at BPL to generate local, clean energy and save money

Expense Projects (total available: $50,000)

  1. Peer-to-Peer Workshops for Middle Schoolers at M.S. 442 to Destigmatize Periods ($5,000)
    Bring Peer Health Exchange to train middle school students to lead peer to peer conversations to destigmatize menstruation, puberty, and consent
  2. Music and Movement Classes at P.S. 124 ($15,000)
    Bring Brooklyn Conservatory’s 12-week music & movement program to an elementary school currently without music teacher
  3. Arts & Job Skills Program at Pacific Library for Adults with Disabilities ($7,000)
    Year-long series of workshops for adults with disabilities in music, storytelling, art, gardening, and job skills
  4. Computer Classes for Kensington Seniors ($5,000)
    10-week computer basics and digital literacy for seniors in Kensington led by Older Adults Technology Services
  5. Cycling Classes for People with Disabilities ($19,000)
    Seasonal programming and free adapted bicycle rentals, helmets, and therapy for children and adults with disabilities
  6. Arts and Activities at Albemarle Playground ($15,000)
    Multicultural music and arts, fitness, sports, and activities for kids, teens and adults
  7. Bike Repair Station at Windsor Terrace and Borough Park Libraries ($2,100)
    Installation of a bike repair station with tools and tire pump in front of Windsor Terrace & Borough Park libraries