Free loaner bikes, scooters, trikes, chairs, walkers 3/5 (1)

Subways seem less safe with COVID-19, but cars are not the right alternative–they’re expensive, bad for the environment, and impossible to park. Citibike is nice, but it costs money, and it’s not accessible to many of us with disabilities. I would love to see a free program where people could borrow bikes, scooters, recumbent trikes, handcycles, wheelchairs, and walkers from lots of different locations in our neighborhoods. I’d like jobs for local people to keep the equipment in good repair. They should be in different sizes, including options for kids. It could be great for the environment, great for reducing risk of COVID-19 transmission, great for reducing car and subway congestion, great for disability access, great for saving poor and working people money, and great for getting around, getting exercise, and having fun.

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