Skatepark at Greenwood Blacktop 4/5 (5)

The Greenwood blacktop has so much unused, empty space that could be utilized in a much more useful way, like a skatepark! There are already many skaters that go to the blacktop and skate, so an actual skatepark would definitely get lots of use. There aren’t any skateparks in Kensington/Windsor Terrace, and kids in this neighborhood would appreciate an outdoor space to have fun and connect with others.

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One thought on “Skatepark at Greenwood Blacktop

  1. The space is not unused. Many kids learn to ride their bikes there, rollerblader there, and yes learn to skateboard there. Cricket teams and softball teams have games there. Basketball hoops are used at one end too. PS130 across the streets holds their Field Days there. The Friends of Greenwood also have programmed events there too (movie nights, concerts, pumpkin patch etc). It is a multi-use space (def not unused!). Im not saying kids wouldn’t appreciate a skate park in the neighborhood but the Greenwood blacktop is already very well used so to take that away and dedicate it to one use/one constituency seems unfair. I wonder about the path behind it (close to highway fence)- perhaps that could be repurposed for skaters? It’s mostly unused though some walk there to access the pedestrian overpass at the north end of Greenwood playground – if it was closed to make a skate park they could technically still walk around the East 5th side of blacktop/playground to access it. Or the space underneath the pedestrian walkway bridge itself- it’s scruffy grass right now. Not as big as the path behind the blacktop. But also truly unused.

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