Accessible Bathroom for Dimattina baseball field and dog park 5/5 (1)

With the prospect park baseball association playing its spring season in the fall due to covid 19, they are heavily utilizing Dimattina ballfield because it has lights and they can play evening games. The problem has been there are no bathrooms and games are approximately two hours long. The playground bathroom across the street closes at 4 PM and the kids are often playing well past 8 PM.
There is also a dog run nearby that could utilize a freestanding outdoor bathroom. The dog run is open until 9 PM but lists the same playground bathroom on its website which closes at 4 PM. With businesses limiting customer bathroom use, it has been a real problem during the pandemic. My idea would be to build one of the stainless steel self cleaning bathrooms, possibly in the dog park, next to the field for everyone to use. As you can see, there will be a lot of customers for this bathroom!

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