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The west sidewalk on the block of Smith St between 3rd Place and 4th Place is extremely wide and typically littered with trash and overgrown weeds. The sidewalk has fairly low foot traffic and could easily accommodate a narrower pathway. Due to zoning, I’m guessing this area cannot have any permanent structures as it backs up to the F & G train line where it transitions from the tunnel to above-ground tracks.

My suggestion is to install 1-2 rows of raised beds to serve as a community garden. It could also serve as a place for students at P.S. 58 to learn about agriculture and growing food.

Costs would include labor and basic materials but could be recouped through renting space in the garden if desired. I do not believe fencing would be necessary. The sidewalk is already sloped so there would be no issues with drainage or standing water.

Thank you for your consideration, and please reach out if you have any questions!


PS – Even if this is not eligible for consideration within next year’s budget, I am still very interested in pursuing this project and would be interested in understanding whether it would be feasible through private or philanthropic funding.

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