Greening the Kevin F. Conroy Ballfield 3.42/5 (19)


Greenwood Playground is an oasis for those of us living near it, however, it is sorely lacking in actual green space…why not utilize some of the Kevin F. Conroy Ballfield to make a grassy (more likely artificial grass) area inside the ballfield next to E 5th Street/under the trees. I imagine an inviting area where people can sit and picnic while older children bike/scoot nearby (much like JJ Byrne’s recent artificial grass addition). Perhaps some benches or tables too. I see SO many people stuck sitting on the curb around the perimeter.

Additionally, the walkway between the playground and the expressway is underutilized and in disrepair (a very large portion is a sinkhole). Ideas would be to upgrade the seating and lighting, replace/repave the walkway, and making it more inviting by planting bushes to block out the expressway. A bigger idea would be to to narrow the pavement and make more room for more grassy area.
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